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Submissions Submissions ! We love submissions!
Before it gets too warm, we decided to post some of the looks that our followers sent us that we still have in our inbox. Here in Jersey we have been experiencing all of the many faces of Spring, sometimes it’s pleasantly warm and other days the wind is bringing tears to our eyes. Wearing an outfit that consists of many layers is a great way to prepare for anything that Mother Nature decides to throw your way. The thick scarf in this outfit can easily be replaced with one of a thinner and lighter material if you are in a warmer climate, but just about everything else can stay the same.
We love how this gal added her own personal wow factor with the snakeskin clutch. So chic! Bundling up doesn’t mean that your fashion sense has to suffer!
Follow this gal on these sites if you want to see more of her fantastic style: www.ebonicurls.blogspot.com and www.ebonigirl.tumblr.com 
Thank you so much for the submission! Stay Fabulous. xoxo
Who Wore It Best
Brights vs. Brights! Last week we had an unexpected Who Wore It Best challenge when student, Lila, and teacher, Ms. Powell, both came to school in the exact same color combination. We’d just resumed classes after a day off due to a snowstorm so everyone was feeling a bit gloomy, but these two brought big smiles to all of our faces! 
We like how Lila integrated some animal print into her look with her cheetah belt, but we also love how Ms. Powell’s bright pencil skirt and cute shoes show that teachers can look good and have fun with their outfits too! Both ladies opted for a nude shoe which is perfect because any additional color would have been an overload. These gals look absolutely fabulous!
So you’ve heard out thoughts, now it’s your turn to decide: Who Wore It Best?
Simple, yet fabulous. This is a look that any of our followers can recreate by simply going into their own closets ! Everyone owns black jeans, a plaid shirt and booties. These accessories are fabulous, yet easily interchangeable. Trade the turban for a beanie or dark lipstick for nude gloss. However, if you don’t mind dropping a little cash, I really suggest purchasing interesting pieces like these ! They’ll spice up your look for seasons to come.

Waiting is the reason why I’m dead on the inside

Winter allows both ladies and gentleman to experiment with all types of tiny details. Comfy, cute socks are one of my favorite additions to outfits. They add a little extra flair with minimal effort. Combat boots have been “trendy” for so long at they’re almost a staple, but that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a sleek black pair. I love seeing camel colored camo boots. They’re more casual and are very versatile. Finally, a cup of coffee is always appropriate because being cold isn’t cute.
Girls’ Night Out by asiabee featuring a collar necklace
As mentioned a few posts ago, nobody’s social life pauses for winter ! Throw on leather pants, your darkest lipstick and printed footwear and go out for a night on the town ! Don’t forget your on-trend collar and ma-jor lashes. Add a chic clutch and you’re out the door in your super simple, yet fab season appro ensemble. 

Alexandra Pereira of Lovely Pepa in ‘Brown Over Brown’ wearing a Celop Punto sweater, Zara skirt and foulard, Mustang boots, Dayaday bag, and Giorgio Armani sunnies.

Making your favorite thin spring skirt work for winter:
1. Layer, layer, layer, especially with longer, chunkier tops ! Adding a sweater instead of a thin tee adds an instant 10 degrees to your overall body heat ! 
2. Tights are your friend. Whether you opt for a solid pair or chose a printed pair or even a knit pair, tights make everything cold weather appropriate !
3. Footwear is key. By simply choosing the right shoes, you can completely transform a piece. Try pairing your fave spring floral with brown riding boots or a cotton skirt with suede knee-highs. We promise it will make a huge difference ! 
4. Accessories are always relevant. Scarves, snoods, hats and gloves are always relevant during winter. Make sure they complement your spring piece and voila - a perfect seasonless piece is born ! 
If you don’t already know, a great coat is a MA-JOR winter Closet Essential ! 
When shopping for coats (now is a great time because they’re all on sale !) consider the following details:
1. Formal or casual ? Are you looking for a coat to wear to next year’s (yikes, I mean this year’s) Christmas dinner or are you shopping for a casual coat to wear around the city? 
2. Fabric. Leather says, “I’m a badass !” Wool says, “I like to be fab and cozy.” Cotton (like the Gap parka above) says, “I’m casual.”
3. Color ! Blacks, browns, and other neutrals are great, but who doesn’t love a shock of color ! This is only an outer layer, so you can spring for something that complements your wardrobe but doesn’t necessarily “match" what you already own. 
4. Finally, fit. I don’t mind if my casual coats are loose, but I prefer for my evening coats to be fitted. Slimmer coats are more sophisticated and elegant, while chunkier coats are usually spunkier. For instance, Ahlia has a fur lined parka that’s super heavy and chunky, but because it’s casual, it totally works. 
It’s frrrrrreezing outside, but the parties and dinner dates must go on ! Instead of opting for your bustiest shirt and tossing on your shortest skirt, take some inspiration from Miranda ! First, be practical. Bring along a blazer or coat so you don’t turn into a icicle during the walk from the car to your location. Next, chose a top that covers up the wrong-for-winter places and exposes the right places. I love all the crop turtlenecks I’m seeing in stores this season. Next, consider something other than a skirt. Leggings and dressy pants are fabulous season-appropriate options. Finally, chose proper footwear ! If there’s snow on the ground, DON’T WEAR OPEN TOED SHOES. Closed toe pumps and booties are great options. Even peep toe can work for evening if the weather is dry. At the very least, consider wearing booties to an event and then changing when you arrive.

Jacket: Vintage / Shirt: H&M / Pants: Zara / Shoes: Zara  (image: dulceida)

Now that it’s the dead of winter (at least in NJ), don’t be afraid to embrace the most luxurious, over-the-top pieces that you own. There’s absolutely no excuse NOT to wear that in-your-face fur or those Hugh-Hefner-approved smoking slippers. Darker colors and heavier fabrics look absolutely beautiful during winter, so rock your deep red/emerald green/berry colored garb and toss on those layers ! 
Tis the season of interesting silhouettes, bold prints, and rad footwear ! And it seems like this girl got the memo. I absolutely love how she embraces plaid in a bold way. Most people would find plaid pants wayyyyy too difficult to pull off, but this chick does it with ease ! By opting for a simple cream sweater and navy coat, she lets her pants take center stage. I also love her cognac booties ! Cognac is my favorite color for anything leather (aside from pants) because it matches ab-so-lute-ly everything. Cognac manages to complement every color of the rainbow, as well as prints. Love it and her !