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Trend Report: BLOCK HEELS
Before I received this as an email, I noticed block heels were sprouting up everywhere; this post from WWW definitely confirms that they’re an official THING. Spotted in lines from Valentino to Zara, they come in a variety of styles/colors and with in a variety of pricetags. Valentino’s pairs go the Cinderella route: they’re sparkly, feminine and expensive. Zara’s pairs are the totally different: they’re a little badass and totally affordable. Zara has bright pairs, spiked pairs, pairs with ankle straps, and pairs without… Other classic brands always have a pair of block heels in rotation, so check Ferragamo, J Crew, and Chanel for more options ! 
If you haven’t purchased a pair of smoking slippers yet and you’re regretting your decision, never fear ! This trend is here to stay, so it’s not too late. If you plan on buying a well-priced, one season pair, go for a funky color or print ! However, if you plan to drop a pretty penny because you really love the practicality and beauty of smoking slippers, go for a more classic pair. A deep jewel-tone pair is fabulous and seasonless. A chic, quality-looking print is also a great call.
Trend Report: Monograms galore ! Who doesn’t love a personalized piece of jewelry or clothing ? Most of the pieces here come with brand initials (and they’re pricey !), so I’d suggest taking your favorite pieces (a leather bag or quality buttondown) to a tailor or cobbler to get monogrammed exactly the way you want. Unless your initials happen to be the initials of a company, in which case, you’re in luck !
Trend Report: Houndstooth !
We’re sure you’ve seen this print a million times before. However, this upcoming fall, expect to see it in every store and on every body. Houndstooth (which is the proper name for this print) is hitting mass retailers everywhere ! If you go on Forever 21’s site, there are skirts, pants, leggings, shirts, dresses and shoes with the print on them. (Click here to see all F21’s houndstooth products.) Even older, more expensive brands are joining in on the fun. On a trip to heels.com (YES, THAT’S A WEBSITE), I stumbled upon a pair of gorgeous houndstooth heels by Bebe. (View them here.) It’s no surprise that this uber classy print is catching on ! It’s classy, timeless, and looks perfect on just about every product, from socks to headbands. If you’re not sure of the look, check out Kim Kardashian rocking the print here OR Lady Gaga rocking it here.
Trend Report:
Recently, we’ve seen a handful of very graphic pieces that are channeling comic books and cartoons. Now, we know that superheroes are uber relevant thanks to blockbusters like Spider Man and Batman Returns, but we never guessed that designers were so inspired ! It seems that nerd-chic is the style for fall ! So catch up all the seasons of Big Bang Theory and pick up your geek chic essentials (like those super cute earrings !) ASAP.
Trend Report: Peplum on Curvy Girls

A great way to show off a curvy butt is by wearing a peplum skirt or dress. This great trend cinches the waist and accentuates your most flattering feature. Whether you’re on your way to work or a more formal event, peplum will give off a very polished look. If celebrities like Oprah go to peplum pieces too look fabulous, why can’t you?

Below are a few links to some well priced peplum pieces:

Skirt- USTrendy
Skirt -Dorothy Perkins

Dress- John Lewis
Dress - Topshop

Shirt- Modcloth
Shirt- Alloy
Trend Report: Pointed Cap Toe Heels
As Spring is coming to an end and Summer is ready to begin there is yet another major trend appearing on the feet of all our favorite celebs. From Kim Kardashian to Kristen Stewart, cap toe heels are everywhere!

The fabulous thing about this trend is that it works with all styles. Whether it be Kim’s edgy all black look or Kristen’s more feminine and classy ensemble. Cap toe heels have been walking down the runways of all the major designers, but you can still find cute affordable pairs too! Over at Asos, there are a few pairs of Sam Edelman pointed cap toe shoes for under $200. 

A fun thing to look for when shopping for this trend is bright colors and wild prints. The pointed cap toe will have an even more unique look if it stands out against a fun background. Kristen’s neon yellow pair add an element of fun to her simple trouser and blouse combo.
Trend Report: Enamel bangles are MA-JOR this year ! Chain stores like Forever 21 have affordable versions as well as luxury lines like Hermes. Check out a cheap F21 version here, a moderately priced version by Marc Jacobs here, and a once-in-a-lifetime Hermes piece here. If you really love the ones in this picture, they’re Kate Spade ! Her prices range from $30 to $150 a bangle, depending on size and color. Check those out here !
Trend Forecast:I guarantee yellow is going to be MAJOR this spring. JCrew (never hesitant to embrace color !) and H&M (a bit more hesitant) have quite a few pieces featuring this bright. They’re selling everything from flats to blazers is this gorgeous color. I must admit: I am a fan ! I’ve even got my eyes on a pair of faded lemon Sperry’s.
Trend Report:
Sparrows have been quite popular the last few months. Miu Miu had numerous pieces with the whimsical print, but that’s not all ! The print returned to runways and it’s even dripping down to everyday stores like H&M. We are fans !