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The Beauty Department has hit a home run once again. This is hands-down one of the best tutorials for vintage style hair I have ever seen. The pictures are super straight forward, and even though we haven’t tried this out yet, it seems accurate. Try it out for yourself and submit a picture ! Check out TBD for more great beauty tutorials and inspiration !
Here’s an absolutely stunning nail tutorial from the blog The Beauty Department. I might be a little biased because turquoise happens to be my favorite color, but I think this is one of the prettiest (and easiest !) nail designs. All you need is blue polish, gold polish, and a plastic sandwich bag !
If you want to experiment, try using different colors ! A classy look would be a nude polish with a silver accent. If you’re bolder, try a bright pink base with orange accents. Enjoy !
Wondering what to do with your mane after a day at the beach/pool ? Add a braid to keep the hair away from your face AND to dress up your look. It’s super easy and can be done by yourself, which is important when you probably don’t have many products on hand.
Embrace the bright ! Summertime is the perfect time to experiment. Your tan skin and adventurous spirit allow (and encourage !) you to try out new beauty tricks. Just remember, if you want to splurge on a new lip color (hello, Chanel make-up counter !), think about how it’s going to look after your tan fades. $40 lipstick is something you want to get a lot of wear out of; having to tuck it away until next summer will be a huge bummer.
A pout worthy of a Feature ! I personally am a HUGE fan of red lips, but I know from personal experience that they’re difficult to execute. The unseen (yet most important !) step to this entire process is finding the right shade of red ! This girl opted for a matte look, which is very chic. To get the perfectly ombre’d effect, she added lip-liner in a slightly darker shade. The purple-ish tint adds some depth to the look and is a great idea if full-on BRIGHT red lips freak you out.
Check out our girl Sharika in this amazing headpiece from Sofiyani LA. The piece is a braided gold band with two rows of extraordinary diamond detailing. For ladies with extra long locks like Sharika’s, this headpiece will make an amazing addition to your summer accessory collection. You can wear it with a more casual outfit like Sharika’s slim pants, slouchy top and sexy wedges. But it can even be dressed up for more formal occasions, Sharika was considering it for prom!
The headpiece is appropriately named “Je t’adore" and we really do love it. Click over to Sofiyani LA’s website here, and order this piece and a ton more. Whether it be a cool way to spice up your everyday boho style or a bold accessory to add a touch of glam to your prom day outfit, the pieces from SoLA are definitely great choices.
Thanks again to all of the wonderful people at Sofiyani LA for sending us some fabulous pieces. This stunning headpiece is one of three other accessories they were generous enough to send our way. Stay on the lookout for more fabulous looks with the pieces in the future.
Thanks Sofiyani LA!
Incorporating a bright neon skirt into your wardrobe can be the beginning of an exciting fashion adventure. When embarking on such a fashion journery there are a few key things to remember: 

1) All other colors should be toned down. Unless you are hoping to achieve a particular “look”, don’t overdo it by adding neon shoes, shirts, hair extensions, and bangles. Stick to one piece, you really want it to pop.

2.) Accessories should be kept to a minimal. With such a bright color, there is no need for distractions. Stacked bangles, layered necklaces, or gaudy rings will make your outfit way too overwhelming. 

3.) Still have fun. Although the bright neon piece will be the center of attention, don’t be afraid to add in some other eye catching pieces. This gal opted for a see through lace top. Although we’re not huge fans of showing your under garments through your clothing, the choice of a black bra for the black top was very well done. 

Have fun experimenting with neons, the trend won’t last forever but it will definitely be fun while it lasts!
The perfect accessory. It goes with every look!