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Hello my fabulous followers! My apologies for being MIA. I have been working the World Naturals Health and Beauty Expo in New York! Although I haven’t been posting as frequently, I have been snapping some pics of some fabulous styles. I can’t wait to share these New York fashionista’s style with all of you soon!

Stay Fabulous,
Someone call the fire department because Kristen Stewart's hair is on fire! The Twilight actress recently debuted this hot new hairstyle at Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week show at the Grand Palais.  We first saw this orange hue back in April in an Instagram post as she was preparing for her role in the upcoming indie action-comedy “American Ultra.”
This is a definite upgrade from her darker locks. The ombre look adds some flava and is a much better complement to her unique personality. Even though Kristen’s dye job was for a role, I have a feeling it will be sticking around for a little while. Lots of celebs have been experimenting with color lately, how have you upgraded your look this summer?
I am addicted to Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Bible.
Being that this is a confession post, I am going to start out with the truth. I have always been addicted to games like this. When I was younger I would search the internet for dress up games, Zoo Tycoon games, anything SIMS-esque. I love looking fabulous and ruling the world (insert “does life imitate art or vice-versa argument here”). Admittedly, it has been a long while since I last played one of these digital games. With school and simply life in general, I have not had time to get sucked into any alternate universes. 
I decided to download Kim K’s new game, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, from the app store when I read a post over on Jezebel, where the author spent almost $500 on in-app purchases. I have a huge rule about saying no to the tempting offers to buy virtual fabulousness, but I knew that I needed to play this game. I could feel my inner addict trying to escape as I clicked through screenshots. 
As you can see, my avatar is gorgeous. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but this character is basically me on my best day. I’m serious, I really look like this in real life. The sophisticated but sexy bob, the white nail polish, and sultry eyeshadow. IT’S ALL ME. Needless to say, the striking resemblance to my real life self is one of the leading contributors to my addiction.
The game is a lot of fun. Especially if you are like me and are constantly preparing for the moment when fame finally calls your name. I don’t want to give away the game’s plot, but I am slowly making my way off the “E List”, one gossip column at a time. I will say that it is kind of frustrating that Kim isn’t at her house every time I drop by… I thought she was supposed to be my homie? Who am I supposed to turn to when I just want to chat, ya know? Girl talk? Other than her mysterious absence and the absurd amount of time it takes to regain energy, this game is perfect. The clothes are fabulous, the buildings are fabulous, and the dating scene is ahh-mazing.  
Welp, that’s about it. I am almost 20 years old and I am addicted to an app. It is very likely that I am simply yearning to get back to California and this game is filling that void. Either way, I am very, very, very happy to have Kim Kardashian Hollywood in my life. Now that I have spent entirely too much time writing this piece, I am going to get back to my real life. Toodles! 
For a long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with wearing bright pops of color. I always wore blue eyeliner instead of black and purple eyeshadow instead of bronze. I didn’t even own a pair of basic black flats until my freshman year of college!
Suddenly, however, all I can think about is neutrals. I don’t know if it’s because I am getting older or the Kim & Kanye wardrobe do over, but loud colors just aren’t speaking to me anymore. Regardless of the trigger, I am really attracted to keeping it simple. This look on, Negin Mirsalhi, is exactly what I want to start pulling off. White and olive green are a great combination and work for just about ever season.
Instead of focusing on loud colors, I want to look for unique shapes, prints and textures. Crop tops are everywhere, but this fun cut puts a unique spin on a common trend. Accessorizing with white nail polish and some gold accessories is all this outfit needed to be complete. It looks so effortless and comfortable! 
I say I’m going neutral now, but only time will tell if that will really be the case!
Stay Fabulous,
Ahlia xoxo
Crazy Who?
Every single time I see a photograph of actress, Uzo Aduba, on the red carpet, my jaw drops. Aduba plays, Crazy Eyes, on the hit Netflix series, “Orange is the New Black.” Take out the bantu knots and throw away the khaki uniform and she’s completely transformed! 
This stunning look is from the Critics’ Choice Television Awards in New York City. The jeweled tones of this dress look flawless against Aduba’s complexion and her makeup choice is perfect. Thank goodness she’s not actually trapped in Litchfield, it would be a crime to hide all of this beauty!
Here’s a quick pic of me en route to the Roots Picnic in Philly yesterday. The sun was beaming! This hat was definitely necessary. Shout out to my uncle for hooking me up with a ticket! So happy that I got to enjoy so many fabulous acts. Share such beautiful and pure energy with the artists and other picnic goers was a one in a million experience! 
Did someone say 44? Yes, indeed! Today is one of the world’s greatest supermodels, Naomi Campbell’s, birthday! From the catwalk to magazines, to your TV screen, this woman has been slaying for years. Everyone wants to know her secrets. How does she get such radiant skin? How does she maintain such a fabulous figure? Whatever she’s doing, it’s definitely working. Scouted at the young age of 15, this woman has been strutting her stuff for longer than may of her admirers have even been alive. Some people want to be firefighters when they grow up, some superheroes. Me? I want to be Naomi Campbell. 
Happy Birthday, my love! Maybe one day I will be bestowed the honor of gracing your presence. 
Stay Fabulous,
Ahlia xoxo
Strong Enough Feat. Lorde (You Oughta Know In Concert '13) by HAIM ( Ep. Special ) from You Oughta Know In Concert | Show Performance| VH1.com

Aside from the fact that Lorde’s voice is that of an angel, can we just stop and appreciate her beauty? From the baggy bomber jacket to her curly locks, I don’t know which part of this laid back and fabulous look I am loving more. Not to mention she is killin' that purple lipstick! The ladies of Haim always look ultra fabulous, they should definitely think about letting Lorde into the group…Simply put it would be: *instant magic.*