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A few weeks ago I went into the city with my friend Emily D. for her brother Ryan’s comedy show. Ryan D. (pictured above) performed a phenomenal set at the Comic Strip that had me cracking up. His dashing outfit, however, was no laughing matter. When you need to impress a crowd but don’t want too much attention on your outfit, the blazer and jeans combo is always a great option.
Ryan does a great job of complimenting his dark wash jeans with a bright pink button-down and light brown blazer. The outfit remains balanced with the addition of darker shoes on the bottom to counteract the brightness on top. Finishing off the look with a charming half smirk was a perfect touch. But everyone knows that you have to look good when you’re surrounded by some of the worlds greatest comedic legends, or you’ll end up being the butt of someone else’s joke! Even though this post is long overdue, I want to congratulate Ryan again on an outstanding show.

Stay fabulous and keep making me laugh! 

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