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5 Fashion Tips Written by a Guy, for Guys (and girls !)

1. Unless you’re an Olsen twin or a starving teenager in Ethiopia, avoid wearing oversized clothing

Unless you’re skeletal, wearing oversized clothing doesn’t make you look skinnier, it just makes you look like like you blacked out and bought the wrong size at the store.

2. Don’t cave to pressure from sales people

I used to be the worst at this. Someone could try to me sell a $500 latex body suit and if they were hot, I’d be like “kay.” 

3. Don’t buy things that are too small

At this point, we know something fits the second it hits our body. It’s not some science. It’s not going to grow on you. You’re not going to suddenly love the way it makes your chest look lumpy.

4. Don’t follow the trends if the trends aren’t following you

There are so many people who wore high-waisted shorts and skinny jeans out of some misguided sense of duty to the fashion trends and they just shouldn’t have. Their body wasn’t made to wear high-waisted shorts (Spoiler: very few bodies are).

5. When in doubt, just wear black

New York taught me this rule and I’ll forever be indebted to the city because of it. Ever struggling over what to wear? Just wear black.

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