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teenage-luhst asked:
HI :) I adore your blog, it is my only source for fashion inspiration. I was just wondering, what would you recommend to wear to go bowling?

Wow. First off, thank you so much. It’s really great to hear that our blog is actually a useful resource. That means a lot.

Secondly, the timing of this question is impeccable! I just went bowling last week so I have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

The most important thing to remember is socks. Even if you’re wearing sandals with your outfit, you must wear socks. I personally enjoy wearing a funky pair with an extreme pattern it adds a little spunk to your look.

Since it’s summer time, I refuse to wear jeans, but if you still do, they are definitely appropriate to wear. However, I wore a pair of distressed & bleached denim shorts that’d made with a light pink t-shirt and a scarf that complimented the color very well. I tank shorts and a tee/tank are the best outits for bowling because you can show off your cool socks, but wearing capris or cuffed jeans are also options.

My last suggestion would be a casual shorts romper. Something that is loose enough for you to move around in, but still has a fun print is perfect.

I’ll post a photoset of outfit options so that you can see some ideas, rather than just read about hither.

Thanks for your question and have fun bowling!

Stay Fabulous,