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Ok so after yesterday’s post about closet organization I decided to download the app “StylishGirl” on my iPhone. Through the app to take a picture of each item of clothing, categorize them by type of clothing (dresses, tops, pants, shorts, etc), seperate by season and style, and add any notes to the item. Through this app you can see all your items in the “My Closet” section and scroll through them. There’s also an outfits section where you can put together and save different outfits. 

I chose this app specifically because it has a “backup” feature that backups the items you’ve posted and emails it you that way I have the pictures of all the clothes I took on my computer as well, in case something happens to my phone I don’t lose all the pictures. It really didn’t take that much time to take a picture of all my clothes, once you get into the groove of things it can go by pretty quickly. So far, I love the app if I know that I want to wear a specific pair of shorts, I can just look through my tops list and see which one I want to wear. This really helps you see EVERYTHING in your closet, and not just your most worn items.

And through this I have discovered everything in my closet which consists of: 23 dresses, 67 tops/tees/tanks, 14 sweaters/pullovers, 15 cardigans, 7 outerwear jackets, 19 skirts, 11 pants, 9 jeans, 17 shorts, 14 shoes, 8 purses. I definitely don’t wear everything in my closet so this gives my inspiration to either get rid of some things or find different ways to wear them. Maybe even more DIY projects?

If you’ve got time on your heads and what to categorize your closet you should try this app out!

I absolutely love the idea of this ! Actually being forced to SEE and photograph everything you own definitely makes you think about whether they’re worth keeping. I also like how this app could come in handy when shopping ! Say you’re going t a party and want a new shirt. While you’re in the dressing room, quickly browse through the photos of your tops and easily pick a skirt that matches a top you already own. Genius !

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    I absolutely love the idea of this ! Actually being forced to SEE and photograph everything you own definitely makes you...
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