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Anonymous asked:
hi i have a prom dilema, i have my dress (it's a coral, strapless, dip hem dress) but i can't decide whether or not to wear a necklace and if i did what kind. I have a short pearl necklace in mind but i just don't know help?!!!!

A small pearl necklace would look amazing with a strapless dress. Especially coral! If there is a lot of detailing on your dress you could get away with not wearing one, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I always wear strapless dresses and I feel bare without anything around my neck.

If your dress is solid coral without any crazy pattern or detailing, a bold short choker would look great. If the dress has a lot going on, then something simple, like the pearls, would be perfect. Definitely wear a necklace!

And by choker I just mean a short necklace, nothing that goes down pass the top of your dress. A small pendant is acceptable but something that stays around the neck is preferred.

Hope this helps! :)