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C. Breezy hopped in a time machine and stepped out with a 30s inspired do! What are you thoughts on this look?


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Whatcha talking ‘bout?Lip Print Trend
The lips trend is everywhere this season! From earrings, to hair clips, to dresses, people can’t stop talking about it. Betigul Tugac, a fashion blogger from Turkey, totally nailed this trend with some bold lips on this oversized cardigan.
Not one to shy away from trendsetting, this gal opted to pair this sweater against a striped top. This was a bold combination, but I love it! When done the right way, this trend is easy to pull off! Definitely, #fabulousandfeatured
Submit your trendsetting photos here if you think you are fabulous enough to be featured!
Selfie of the Day
I am completely obsessed with rompers and this look is bah-nan-as! I was scrolling through Instagram a while back and I came across this pic and said, THIS is going to be a Selfie of the Day. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the owner of the Instagram account, but if I do, I will definitely give this gal a shoutout.
The bold floral print can be hard to pull off, as it can often resemble your grandma’s favorite upholstery. Having big blue flowers against this nude background, however, keeps the look fresh and hip. I also really like the fact that she paired this simple ensemble with completely straight hair and a middle part. Something about that hairstyle adds a hint of sass and sex appeal to just about every outfit. 
I really hope I can remember this gal’s Instagram handle because I would love to feature more of her styles!
Stay Fabulous,
Ahlia xoxo
P.S. Her legs look fantastic!

UPDATE: Friend of Fabulous & Featured, Iris Vest of 805seasidestudio found this gal’s instagram account. @sandralambeck Thanks Iris, amazing detective work :)
Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o are sitting front row at a fashion show and I cannot help but feel that this picture needs to be captioned. Rihanna’s outfit is so Anna Wintour meets Sesame Street while Lupita is that cool nerd from school that hacks into the computer mainframe for fun. 
What storyline do you think of when you see this picture?
Selfie of the Day
The recipient of the coveted Selfie of the Day award is Laure Nolet. When it comes to a bathroom selfie, it is extremely difficult to snap a “classy” pic. From the odd toilet in the background to some awkward graffiti on the walls, you are often fighting against ridiculous odds for a simple selfie. Laure, however, proved us all wrong and snapped the queen of of all bathroom selfies. With the all white, grid pattern of her skirt & crop top set, she is completely twinning with the tile in the bathroom! I’ve seen this pattern on an outfit before, but I never realized that it was so familiar. Thank goodness Laure snapped this pic, so that we could all share a quick laugh in the name of fashion. 
I don’t know if I should be giving props to Laure for picking out this outfit, or to the interior designer! Either way, this selfie is definitely FABULOUS and FEATURED!
Stay Fabulous,
Ahlia xoxo
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