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I just love everything about this! From the ahh-mazing necklace, to the crop top to that belt, this look is almost enchanting! 
I am so excited to rock black and on black looks this year! Sometimes you have to take it back to the basics. 
Twinkle LA. Photos & Gif By David Hanjani
Although it isn’t fashion related, this is a lovely submission I received a little while back. Seeing as though I will be returning to the West Coast shortly, I thought it fitting to share!
There’s nothing I love more than a crisp, all white look! Using one color as your palette for an outfit, affords you the opportunity to experiment with styles and textures! 
I am a HUGE fan of ladies rocking baseball gear fashionably. I made a custom jersey with my name on it and my college team’s logo. I once wore it to a party after attending a game and EVERYONE decided to shout out my last name since it was on the shirt. It was hysterical. I was wearing denim shorts, a crop top and a pair of Converse. To say this look was laid back would be an understatement…
This gal, however, makes sportswear look absolutely fabulous. Pairing her jersey with a crop top and distressed jeans keeps the look casual, while also allowing for subtle elements of femininity. The nude heels are a great touch that complement her sassy pout. I am definitely going to be rocking my jersey when I get back on campus, even though the season doesn’t start until spring. I have a lot of Trojan pride and I want the whole world to know it! #fighton

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Check out Rihanna’s first selfie. She was 17 years old! Can you believe it?
Cleaning out my closet! Shoes for sale. Message me if interested. 
Cleaning out my closet! Shoes for sale. Message me if interested.