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Is it worth it…?
As many of you know by now, I love the Kardashian Family. Kimberly, in particular can always provide me with a laugh when I am feeling sad. From her uber diva moments to her 30 minute-long crying sessions, this chick was simply born to be a star. I recently came across an article which informed me that the product of those sessions, some quite terrifying faces, had been transformed into the above pictured work of art. Robert Boris has created a collage of all of Kim’s “Ugly Crying Faces” we have been blessed with throughout the years. 
Ringing in at $55, this tee is quite phenomenal. My hesitation sits in the style of the top… Being a busty gal, crewnecks are not the most flattering of options for me. I own several male/unisex of this style, with amazing graphics on them, however, the unflattering cut keeps me from wearing them all the time. On the other hand, like Kim’s sister Kourtney, I would begin laughing every single time I saw these photos. Not to mention, it would be an instant conversation starter in just about any setting! Check out the shirt here, to help me make my decision!
I am always one for a good graphic tee, but I just don’t know…is this one worth it?

fake off guard. lol
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Not from Philly, but this top is dope!


Naya Rivera
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All black and fabulous! 

They Are Wearing: Lollapalooza
Photo by Glenn Kaupert
#tbt to the Kardashian Klan. Oh, how their styles have evolved! 
I absolutely love this OOTD from fashion designer, Sofia El Arabi. From Morocco, this gal know exactly how to spot a fabulous print. With this eye catching skirt, all she needed was a simple white t-shirt to complete the outfit. 
Now that I am back in school, I am constantly searching for simple outfits that I can easily throw on to get started with my day. Fun t-shirt and skirt combinations are just what I need to get through this school year. This look is absolutely fabulous OOTD inspiration!
•Deal of the Day• 
I snagged these fabulous nude heels from @Target for only $22! I have been in the market for a pair of nude heels for quite a while. This one strap, sandal style has been everywhere for quite a while. I normally wear a size 11.5 or 12, so it is often difficult for me to find cute shoes that fit. I was extremely lucky to come across these beauties at such a great price! 
A deal like this is definitely #fabandfeatured
Check out Martha Stewart’s opinion on Blake Lively’s new lifestyle blog.

Blake Lively may aspire to be the next Martha Stewart (whom she calls her “idol”) with her new site, Preserve. But Martha Stewart would prefer to simply switch places with the big-screen star.

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine